Upcoming for Unite


Seattle Pride June 24th
We will be partnering with SlutWalk Seattle to help promote their event.  Meet at the fountain at KeyArena at 12pm to get flyers.  Thanks to Collen Isbell for being our SlutWalk Seattle liaison and to Taylor Malone for being our SlutWalk Spokane liaison!

Any future actions are somewhat limited to the amount of funds so Unite is reminding you to consider supporting our work. We have started an Indiegogo campaign  http://www.indiegogo.com/unitewomenwa

Direct Action
Unite Women will take advantage of our strengths in being a grassroots organization, giving us the freedom to engage in direct actions and protests, as we are not accountable to stakeholders, other then women and the families who love them. 

Our first direct action will be a Rapid Response protest to the SCOTUS decision on the Affordable Care Acthttp://www.facebook.com/events/243597559085938/    For this action Unite is working in partnership with groups like PlannedParenthood, Fuse, and more, including grassroots groups like MicCheckWallSt and Occupy Seattle NonViolence groups.  More information to come!

Unite is currently making plans for a Nationally coordinated UniteWomen direct action that will focus on getting the Senate version of VAWA passed.  More information to come! Your participation and support is needed!