Stand with Jennie McCormack at Westlake Park Event July 18 -


Jennie Linn McCormack is a single mother of 3 living in Pocatello, ID who found herself with an unwanted pregnancy in 2010.

Faced with the barriers of only two abortion clinics in Idaho both hours away that according to state law must make clients undergo an “informed consent” appointment at least 24 hours before a procedure, a “fetal pain” law with no scientific base that won’t allow abortions in Idaho past 19 weeks, and a budget of only 250$ per month in child support, Jennie terminated her pregnancy at home with an abortion pill purchased on the internet from an out of state doctor.

After confiding in a friend, this individual told someone who then called the police. Jennie was arrested and charged with a felony under a pre-Roe v. Wade law that states only a doctor can perform an abortion. The charges were dropped due to lack of evidence. As word of her arrest spread through her small and deeply conservative community, Jennie Linn now faces isolation, shaming, discrimination and lack of support

In a trial that started Monday, July 9, Jennie Linn is bravely challenging the constitutionality of this archaic law as well as the restrictive “fetal pain” law. This case could set precedent not just for Idaho but for the entire country. Jennie Linn McCormack’s experience represents the repercussions of 87% of counties in the US that lack abortion services, as well as the restrictive, anti-women laws that target all abortion access. It represents the new back alley abortion: abortion obtained illegally out of necessity, with legal and possible medical consequences

As some of the large pro-choice organizations remain disturbingly silent about Jennie’s case, Seattle Clinic Defense joins groups like Legal Voice, The Center for Reproductive Rights, and National Advocates for Pregnant Women to stand proudly with Jennie Linn.

Please join us for a speak-out and rally at Westlake Park on Wednesday, July 18 from 5:30 to 7 pm.

Westlake Park

400 Pine St, Seattle, Washington 98101 

We will be providing an opportunity to offer donations, for people to write personal messages of support that we can send to Jennie Linn, and a chance to learn about and discuss how to challenge the slow chipping away of abortion access. 

Jennie Linn was faced with a deeply personal choice that she is now taking public for the sake of us all. We won’t go back, and we won’t let her go through this alone. 

Further reading on the McCormack case:,0,5729355.story

If you are unable to attend this event, here are some ways you can contribute to her Legal Defense Fund or to help cover her living expenses childcare costs and relocation:

Send checks made out to the law office (Racine Olson Nye Budge & Bailey) and be sure to NOTE THAT IT’S FOR JENNIE’S LEGAL DEFENSE FUND.

Send to: Attn: Richard Hearn, Attorney
Racine Olson Nye Budge & Bailey 201 East Center Street
P. O. Box 1391
Pocatello, ID 83201

Send money directly to Jennie to help her cover living expenses, childcare costs, and relocation. NOTE THAT IT’S FOR HER LIVING EXPENSES, CHILDCARE, AND RELOCATION. 
Make the check out directly to her, and address it to Jennie Linn McCormack, c/o Richard Hearn, at the legal office above. 

Even just a note of support helps! Again, send to Jennie Linn c/o Richard Hearn, at the legal office above. 

Mr. Hearn says feel free to email him with any questions or contributions at: 

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